Measuring for your Dark Bag protective cover is easy. We have eight different standard sizes to choose from, or if your frame is an odd size or larger or smaller than our standard sizes, we are more than happy to make you a custom sized cover.

It is important to choose a size that is as close to your frame dimensions as possible. The covers are meant to cinch down a little, but cannot stretch out past the set dimension, so for example if your frame were 24 x 30 inches you would choose the 25 x 35 inch cover. When measuring your frame we are looking for the outer frame dimensions to assure a proper fit. That means measuring from the top to the bottom edge (height) and from the left to the right side (width). The covers are not set in one orientation and can be used both vertically and horizontally to accommodate the orientation of your artwork. The depth of The Dark Bag is a standard 2 inches. If your frame is deeper than this a custom size will be needed. 

  • 20" X 24"
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