The Dark Bag® makes it easy to order custom covers for that special valued possession or for your entire collection.

We charge a flat rate fee of $100 per custom size to make the pattern and then simply add the cost of the cover to that. If you have several pieces that are the same custom size, you are not charged again for your one-time custom pattern.

We are able to produce custom orders up to the largest dimensions of 68 x 96 inches in any direction. If you have an artwork that is larger than this, please contact us to discuss whether we can accommodate your over-sized piece.

Turn-around time for custom orders will vary depending on quantity but you can expect to receive most orders within 4 to 6 weeks.

Please contact us directly for exact pricing on custom orders. Prices are subject to change. 

Need a custom order? Contact us HERE

Custom Pricing Guidelines

Exact dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) will be needed to determine a final price for any custom order. Our four-tier pricing guidelines, below, will give you a general sense of costs. (The flat rate fee is included in the below pricing).

Dimensions that are less than 20"x 24" $200
Dimensions that are greater than 20"x 24" but less than 30"x 40" $240
Dimensions that are greater than 30"x 40" but less than 45"x 55" $310
Dimensions that are greater than 45"x 55" but less than 68"x 96" $390