“We are very thankful for The Dark Bag!  As steward of the collection, The Dark Bag brings me another layer of conservation security. The bags protect some of Sir Elton John’s most beloved photographs when he is not in residence and are incredibly easy to remove before he returns. They bring a peace of mind for any size art collection.”

Newell Harbin Director, Sir Elton John Photography Collection

“Unlike museums, for a variety of reasons collections in private homes seldom rotate. That means works of art and other valuables are exposed to irreversible, damaging effects of light for long periods of time, against best practice. Finally, a solution has come along that satisfies everyone’s needs — The Dark Bag is cost-effective and easy to use, they can go on and off when clients are not in residence to give light-sensitive works of art a rest. Recently I made an order of both standard and custom-sized Dark Bags for a modern Hamptons home with floor to ceiling windows — even with UV filtering window films and frame glazing, we needed more protection.  We are all very pleased with the process, and the product. Thank you for making this important collections care tool accessible to collectors at every level.”

Maura Kehoe Collins, Artiphile

“As conservators, we know how damaging light – both the visible and ultraviolet component of the spectrum – can be to artworks.  The damage is cumulative and irreversible.  Limiting light exposure to when the works can be enjoyed is not only considered best practice but it also helps maintain the value of one’s collection.  The Dark Bag is designed and fabricated to allow collectors to easily provide their valuable collections with full light protection.  The Dark Bag is well made and the design thoughtful and intuitive.  I will happily recommend this product to my clients.”

Objects Conservator in Private Practice

“As a private collector in New York City, I am pleased to share my exceptional experience using Dark Bags and express my utmost satisfaction with the product and the team. The Dark Bags have become an invaluable asset in ensuring the safety and preservation of my artworks. Beyond the product itself, I am equally impressed with the professionalism and collaboration of The Better Image team. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in every interaction. I wholeheartedly recommend the The Dark Bag to fellow art collectors and enthusiasts who prioritize the protection of their valuable artworks.”

Private NYC Collector